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Empowering the Next Generation of Brave Leaders

A hybrid education and personal development model.

Personalised and flexible education that guides learners towards their passions in a dynamic, collaborative classroom, supported by effective tutors and an active Learning Coach. 

A school that brings the campus to the learner, a network of Brave Academies that integrate into the community and democratise education for its learners. 

A Curriculum recognised by the world’s leading universities as the gold standard of international education, fully integrated with projects and courses, creating a holistic learning experience that prepares learners for the future.

The Learning Model

At Brave Generation Academy (BGA), our educational model is designed to empower Learners to reach their best future through three foundational dimensions: Knowledge, Skills, and Community.


We believe in the power of knowledge and understanding. BGA’s academic curriculum encompasses a wide range of traditional and modern disciplines, equipping Learners with a comprehensive understanding of various subjects. With BGA being a global education model, both the UK and US curriculums are offered within our secondary education platform.

Our Curricula (British, US)

The American Curriculum

Available to Learners from 11 years old, the American curriculum is offered through a partnership with the eCampus Academy and US University Pathways. It allows our Learners to earn a US high school diploma and enrol in an American college or university.

The British International Curriculum

Designed for Learners from 12 years old, this curriculum is grouped into the following levels: Lower Secondary (ages 12 to 14), International GCSE (ages 14 to 16) and A-Levels (ages 16 to 18). Upon the completion of this curriculum, the Learners sit their A-Levels, through which they can apply directly to most universities in the world.

BGA Dual Teacher Role: Learning Coaches and Course Managers

We embrace a unique approach to education here at BGA, which is why we don't refer to our educators as “teachers”. Instead, we have Course Managers and Learning Coaches who fulfil the role of guiding and supporting our Learners.

Course Managers

Course Managers are the specialists who develop and enhance our curriculum, create assignments and quizzes, and provide academic feedback to Learners.

Learning Coaches

The mentors who inspire and support the self-directed learning process, Learning Coaches help Learners to explore their interests, and encourage them to step outside their comfort zones.

University Access

BGA is an internationally recognised school that allows Learners to access universities around the world. We know that pursuing a university degree is a significant milestone in many Learners' lives. That's why we are committed to offering unwavering support and guidance throughout any external application process. 

In addition to a more traditional option, Learners can also choose the Unique Pathway (UP) programme through BGA from the age of 16 and above. Upon successful completion of their International GCSEs or an equivalent qualification, they can seamlessly embark on the pathway to higher education.


A school without walls, BGA goes beyond the traditional classroom setting and creates an inclusive and open environment that extends to the community around us.

Local Involvement:

In today's interconnected world, learning should not be confined to the traditional classroom setting. Our concept embodies a more flexible, accessible, and dynamic approach to education.

International Network:

BGA's international network expands the educational experience beyond local boundaries, fostering global connections and opportunities for students.


BGA's strategic partnerships with top organisations and educational institutions allow for hands-on learning and internship opportunities.


BGA's unique approach to education guarantees the development of important skills that go beyond academics. These are developed through things like the direction of their own coursework, inter-Hub activities, and community service. By the time they graduate, BGA Learners have a set of 360° skills that will pave the way to success in life.

What are the skills of a BGA graduated Learner?







Critical Thinkers


Learning Experience

A co-learning environment designed for success


Our Hubs present a diverse range of co-learning spaces, fostering an immersive peer-to-peer atmosphere where Learners can thrive. If a Learner wants to open a door, the Hub will help them find the key!

An inspiring environment designed for success

Effective learning comes from a mix of online and offline. That’s why we have mixed-age BGA Hubs all over the world for our Learners, so that they can have a social outlet alongside our innovative courses.

Hub Facts

  • Each Hub accommodates an average of 30 Learners and 2 Learning Coaches
  • BGA Learners are expected to attend the Hub daily
  • Hubs are open from Monday to Friday, typically from 8AM to 6PM
  • Comfort is prioritised in every aspect from furniture selection to design, lighting, and acoustics
  • Hubs are only closed on public holidays, we do not follow a traditional academic holiday structure.



A platform for asynchronous discussion and collaboration among Learners and Course Managers. 

  • Allows Learners to engage in deeper discussions, share ideas and opinions, and get feedback from peers and Course Managers. 
  • It gives Learners the possibility to ask questions and get answers in a collaborative way — Learners can share ideas, ask questions, and cooperate with each other.


A tool for creating and administering formative and summative assessments.

  • Helps Learners check their understanding, reinforce key concepts, and prepare for exams. 
  • It's a powerful tool that allows Course Managers to create a wide range of questions.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Our comprehensive platform for managing all aspects of the learning process, from course design and delivery to tracking and reporting.

  • Enables Learners to interact with other Learners and Course Managers, monitor their progress and achievements, and access course content anytime, anywhere.


A feature for allocating and submitting various types of assignments, including files, text, and media. 

  • Allows Learners to practise and apply what they have learned, receive personalised feedback and grading, and improve their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Course Managers can create and grade assignments online. It also supports a variety of submission types, including text, file uploads, and online text. This gives Learners the opportunity to easily hand in assignments and receive meaningful feedback on their work.

Affordable Education for a Brighter Future

At BGA, prices vary based on the country to which you are applying, but the structure is the same.

One-time Admission Fee

Paid after the onboarding meeting is complete.

Annual Registration Fee Renewal

An annual fee paid after the completion of the Learner’s first year and in subsequent years.

Fixed Monthly Fee per Curriculum

Our price does not vary in accordance with subject quantity, however it can fluctuate depending on the chosen curriculum.

Discounts available

Sibling discounts

Upfront payment

Country Fees

What’s Included in Our Fees?

Access to Top Curricula:

BGA offers access to renowned curricula, such as the British International Curriculum and the American Core Curriculum, providing a comprehensive and globally recognised educational foundation. This enables access to a wealth of asynchronous educational content, allowing Learners to study and learn at their own pace and convenience.

Access to BGA Hubs:

BGA Learners have access to our worldwide chain of Hubs, so they have a space to socialise in addition to learning from our innovative courses. Our Hubs offer both co-learning spaces in addition to relaxation zones, ensuring an enriching peer-to-peer atmosphere where Learners can thrive.

BGA’s Dual Teaching Role:

Trained Learning Coaches: Dedicated professionals who provide guidance, support, and mentorship to Learners throughout their educational journey.

Expert Course Managers: Subject experts and experienced professionals who oversee and manage the curriculum, ensuring high-quality content and academic support.


Utilisation of cutting-edge software, including a Learning Management System (LMS) and dashboards, which includes powerful analytics that monitor progress and provide insights. These aspects of our software allow for both continuous improvement and personalised learning experiences, facilitating seamless communication, progress tracking, and engagement within the learning community.

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