Dreaming of an education
waking up every
day to make it happen.

It is a well-known fact that education needs to shift, our children deserve it.

We can do better, so let's take action.

BGA is here for the change. Meet the team, its driving motivation, and its story.

Understand BGA’s DNA, be a part of it.

The Vision

Envisioning a world where quality education has no boundaries,
playing a central role in life’s success.


The Mission

Empowering young generations with the resources they need
to succeed in life, through educational and personal
development programmes.


The Values

Discover your Passions, unleash your Genius. Reflect, Learn, Grow. Respect others and yourself. Be Honest and Generous, be Ambitious but stay Humble.
Be yourself, be Brave.

Message from
the founder

I have always felt that a change was needed; traditional school systems do not allow each child to use their talents and skills, which limits them in the future.


Brave Generation Academy was created by parents who wanted to provide a more personalised experience for their children to ensure they are happy and will be able to achieve life success.

The Story

An amazing journey where the ambition of a few quickly evolved into a movement of many, growing as a global initiative made possible by all of you.

The Team


Meet the minds and hearts of those working hard
towards our learners' best future.