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Seeking Brave Talent

BGA is looking for highly proactive individuals ready to change education and the lives of thousands of children.

The Vision

Envisioning a world where quality education has no boundaries, playing a central role in life’s success.

Learning Coach

Join our team of Learning Coaches who play a pivotal role in empowering self-directed Learners. As a Learning Coach, you'll inspire and guide Learners as they move through their academic journey, exploring their passions and experiencing personal growth. Your mission is to encourage them to push their boundaries and discover new possibilities. 

Course Manager

Join our team of subject experts known as Course Managers, the innovative minds behind our cutting-edge curriculum. Your role will involve crafting captivating assignments and quizzes, continuously enhancing our educational programmes, and providing invaluable academic mentorship to our eager Learners. Join us on our journey to shape the future of education! 

Central Team

Every exceptional organisation thrives on the commitment of influential individuals at its heart. Join our Central Team and play a crucial role in transforming ideas into accomplishments. As a member of our Central staff, you'll be at the core of our operations, bringing our vision to life.


Uncover an extraordinary internship opportunity! In our organisation, internships pave the way for your professional journey. Enrol in our Internship Programme, where you'll gain hands-on experience and collaborate with diverse departments throughout our company. Become a part of a dynamic and inclusive community, where you'll learn, develop, and leave your mark. 

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