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Learn with motivation.

Grow with passion.

A hybrid education and personal development model.

Personalised and flexible education that guides learners towards their passions in a dynamic, collaborative classroom, supported by effective tutors and an active Learning Coach. 

A school that brings the campus to the learner, a network of Brave Academies that integrate into the community and democratise education for its learners. 

A Curriculum recognised by the world’s leading universities as the gold standard of international education, fully integrated with projects and courses, creating a holistic learning experience that prepares learners for the future.

The Features

The 5 main characteristics that make BGA's Learning Model unique


The self-directed approach prepares learners for the professional world, building the skills necessary to progressively achieve autonomy in decision making. Learners have the freedom to formulate their own plans while being accountable for their choices. Each learner defines the tools, resources, and strategies needed to achieve their learning goals.


Given we are all different, each learner has their own educational programme, a wide range of subjects, MOOCs, skills, and clubs, tailored to each learner´s pace and lifecycle challenges.


BGA offers the best of both worlds. It provides a physical space that welcomes learners into a social and academic environment, ensuring the development of a healthy daily routine coupled with a personalised and flexible digital learning platform.


All resources are available for learners to reach their full potential. Ongoing support is provided by pedagogical professionals, learning coaches, course managers, and peers along with technology and digital tools, with highly structured processes, guiding learners through their educational journey.


BGA offers more than traditional education. Core subjects are complemented with technical, community, and soft skills by means of courses and activities such as financial literacy, languages, web design, MOOCs, debates, book clubs, chess competitions, sports, and arts. There is always something amazing on offer. BGA prides itself in having a positive impact on the community it serves, be it in helping at animal shelters or teaching Portuguese to refugees.

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