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Only by working together can we overcome the challenge of providing a flexible, collaborative, empowering, and global-oriented education for our children, and allow them to pursue their own passions.

Our team is constantly striving to deliver a high-quality education that meets the needs and objectives of our learners and their families while having an impact in local communities. Want to learn how? Check the option that best suits you.

Our Openings

The ideal candidates for this role, must truly nurture a passion for our innovative Educational Model, and be passionately focused on children/ teenagers’ personal developmentwell being and happiness!

Working alongside other Learning Coaches in a Hub, this position reports directly to the Regional Manager.  in your Hub; These responsibilities include:

  • Understand the individual goals and passions of your appointed group of learners;
  • Ownership: Organize, manage, facilitate, and above all, inspire learners to take initiative in pursuing what drives them, whilst being focused on their personal development;
  • Accountability: Help learners to create their own weekly activities plan, for them to succeed in the goals they have set for themselves;
  • Sustain an excellent communication flow with learners and parents, to nourish long term relationships;
  • Provide learners with academic guidance on IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) and A-Levels: You don´t need to be an expert 😉 as initial and continuous training will be provided;
  • According to our learners’ passions and interests, facilitate sporting, leisure, cultural, etc activities in the community, for our young learners;


  • You hold an university degree;
  • You’re fluent in English language;
  • You have strong organizational and communication skills;
  • You’re accountable and take ownership: you’re proactive and take the initiative to propose new ideas and improvements;


This position will be working directly with BGA’s Educational Department, providing simple user IT assistance, diagnosing and solving uncomplicated technical problems and incidents, namely on Moodle (our educational platform), Zoom or Google Meet, to students, parents, or business partners. In addition, when required, you´ll also be asked to oversee undemanding mundane administrative tasks, ensuring the Educational Department´s daily operations run smoothly and effectively. Thus, the ideal candidate must be highly organized, driven, and disentangled. You will have

  • Exceptional ability to work efficiently and effectively in a fast-paced, dynamic, informal yet demanding, Star start up environment;
  • Basic TCP/IP Network Knowledge;
  • Basic incident and problem management skills to troubleshoot
    and solve problems; 
  • Professional
    English, at least B2 level; 
  • Previous experience with Moodle Platform is an asset;
If any of this above position suits your profile and if you would like to interview with us, kindly send your CV with the interested position (*Application for Learning Coaches - add a paragraph stating your motivation along with the preferred location*) at -

Spontaneous Applications

Be a Learning Coach

Learning Coaches are highly qualified mentors who are responsible for guiding and motivating Brave learners through their educational journey at Brave Academy.

The mission of Learning Coaches is to apply education methods to guide learners towards a better educational outcome and to instill in them the curiosity and drive to learn at every opportunity.

Become a Partner

We believe that by equipping children with the skills and autonomy to act and evoke real change, we empower them to make a difference in the world and their communities.

By partnering with us you will become part of a Global Network of academies, other partners, and empowered learners around the world.

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Copyright © 2020 Brave Generation Academy | Powered by Astra