During a Brave journey, learners are required to navigate between three competency blocks


Through the Knowledge block, we offer a holistic education that empowers learners for their future while preparing them to join the best universities. This Block is composed by what we know and understand by the academic content, gathering both traditional and modern disciplines. 

The courses chosen by the learner might serve different objectives:

BRAVE CORE: Courses selected in order to be examined and certified by an exam board. 

We offer content for Year 8 and 9, IGCSEs and A Levels

BRAVE EXTENDED (Self-Driven track): Courses selected to develop other areas of interest, not necessarily aiming to be examined or certified by any of the boards.


Through the Skills block, we motivate our learners to prepare for life, broadening their perspectives and becoming experts through practice. The Brave Academy stimulates its learners to try new and different activities in order to develop specific competencies for life, independently or in groups.

Skills projects may be extracurricular or complimentary activities that fit into learner’s regular schedule, such as interdisciplinary projects or specific workshops, organized by the Learning Coach. The nature of these projects can vary greatly.  


Through the Community block, we stimulate successful relationships at home, in the community, and in the workplace, while we promote the development of personal values and virtues for sustainable participation in a globalized world.

Within our community, that goes beyond the “classrooms”, the learners engage in discussions and hands-on group projects.

This block stands for how we behave and engage in the world, making our learners aware of the external environment that surrounds them, fostering creativeness, critical thinking, confidence, collaboration and the “I can mindset”.


We prepare our learners to succeed in a world that is changing fast, giving them the necessary tools to achieve their goals and have an impact. Our Learning Coaches guarantee the integration of all blocks through the learning journey – working throughout the Knowledge curriculum, the Skills program and the Community activities.


We offer a structured program based on the British National Curriculum for learners who wish to join the Brave Generation Academy from the age of 13, equivalent to the 8th and 9th years.

Learners acquire a solid foundation to start IGCSEs in the following modules: English, History, Mathematics, and Science.


IGCSE is the most popular international high school qualification globally, sat by learners aged 14 to 16 in more than 160 countries.

Developed by experts in global affairs, they are regularly reviewed and written to the same rigorous standards as conventional GCSEs.


A-Levels are qualifications targeted at learners aged 16 to 18. Based on internationally recognized disciplines and accepted by the best universities worldwide, A-levels typically last two years.

Studying at one of the most prestigious colleges in the world is a common goal for many learners. The program offered by BGA delivers the whole base of the British national curriculum to fully prepare you to take the exams and be accepted in the best universities.

Universities that Accept Exams

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Copyright © 2020 Brave Generation Academy | Powered by Astra