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A future-proof education model loved by parents and learners.

We Share Your Concerns

Outdated Education System

Traditional models struggle to cater to individual needs and adapt to modern challenges.

Stifled Potential

Rigid learning environments can limit personal growth and hinder happiness.

Disconnect to Real World

Conventional schooling often struggles to adapt and lacks real-world experience.

We Are Changing Education

Innovative Learning

Elevate your child's educational experience through personalised learning and dedicated mentorship.

Empowering your Child

Our flexible and engaging environment fosters happiness and growth, ensuring your child thrives.

Bridging the Gap

We equip your child with adaptability, resilience, and real-world experiences to navigate whatever their future holds.

BGA: Much More Than a School

Combining digital access with physical coworking spaces (BGA Hubs), our approach ensures individualised learning, an offline-online balance, and a curriculum that encourages your child's comprehensive development.


BGA's tailored educational programs accommodate individual learning styles and paces, offering diverse subjects and activities.


BGA blends physical communal-academic spaces with a flexible digital platform for the best of both worlds.


Comprehensive resources, expert support, and technology guide Learners on their educational journey, ensuring success.


BGA goes beyond the academic, to also emphasise practical skills, community, and soft skills through extra courses, clubs, sports, and community service.


Self-directed learning fosters autonomy and decision-making skills, empowering Learners to be invested in their own education.

Real-World Experiences

Internships and entrepreneurial opportunities allow for hands-on learning, as well as improving career preparation.

Learning Model

Our model is established on three foundational pillars, orchestrated to prepare each Learner for their best future.

1. Knowledge

Academic Curriculums

At BGA, we provide a diverse range of academic curriculums. Our programs are designed to foster academic excellence, personal growth, and adaptability in an ever-changing world.

US Curriculum

British Curriculum

Teaching Approach

We believe in nurturing your child's growth with the support of passionate and experienced educators.

Course Managers

Learning Coaches

University Access

BGA's comprehensive education programs mean that if going to university is a part of your child's goals, we are ready to help them with guidance and application support.

University Preparation

2. Skills

What are the skills of a BGA graduated Learner?

BGA's unique approach to education guarantees the development of important skills that go beyond academics. These are developed through things like the direction of their own coursework, inter-Hub activities, and community service. By the time they graduate, BGA Learners have a set of 360° skills that will pave the way to success in life.








Critical Thinkers


3. Community

Local Involvement

In today's interconnected world, learning should not be confined to the traditional classroom setting. Our concept embodies a more flexible, accessible, and dynamic approach to education.

International Network

BGA's international network expands the educational experience beyond local boundaries, fostering global connections and opportunities for students.


BGA's strategic partnerships with top organisations and educational institutions allow for hands-on learning and internship opportunities.

Learning Experience

A co-learning environment designed for success


An inspiring environment designed for success

We believe that effective learning comes from a mix of online and offline. That’s why we have mixed-age BGA Hubs all over the world for our Learners, so that they can have that social aspect fulfilled alongside our innovative courses. Our Hubs offer a variety of spaces to provide an enriching peer-to-peer atmosphere where Learners can thrive.


Powerful, user-friendly, and accessible from anywhere

BGA's advanced learning software ensures that education is never out of reach. With complete accessibility, Learners can engage with their coursework on their own terms. Our platform also features powerful analytics that monitor progress and provide insights, allowing for continuous improvement and personalised learning experiences.

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