Learn at BGA

  • 1. In the traditional teaching model, do you have the freedom to follow at your own learning pace?

    At BGA, the teaching model is geared towards the learner, where each need is met in an individual and personalized way with our learning coaches' support.

  • 2. Have you ever felt unmotivated for not being as passionate about maths and science as you are for literature and arts – or maybe the opposite?

    No skill should be underestimated. We all have incredible potential to be reached. With our learning coaches, learners will be able to realize their greatest possibilities.

  • 3. Is it your dream to pursue music or fashion, but you are unable to develop these skills in traditional teaching?

    Each dream is valid, and all skills must be stimulated. Our learning coaches are ready to help learners identify their greatest passions and work to develop and improve them.

Who are Learning Coaches?

Learning Coaches are young, motivated and inspired to make a difference in a BGA learners life. They identify our learners passions and then connect them to more knowledge and experiences in this area. They connect and spend more time with our learners on average than the teachers in traditional school. 

They also focus on providing opportunities for our learners to do internships and find and grow new skills early on in their road at BGA.

Through BGA you can access Top International Institutions

Copyright © 2020 Brave Generation Academy | Powered by Astra

Copyright © 2020 Brave Generation Academy | Powered by Astra