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What is BGA?

BGA is an accredited online Cambridge School and provides a unique educational experience for children from ages 11 and up. Our Hybrid model allows learners to follow lower Secondary, International GCSE and A-Level programmes according to their personal schedules and learning styles.

The hybrid model is specifically designed to meet the needs of our learners by offering them a tailored mix of offline and online learning. Our digital platform allows for 24/7 learning access and guidance from course managers who provide expert guidance and feedback in their subjects. Our BGA Hubs provide a physical coworking space to complement this learning so learners can benefit from peer-to-peer interaction and hands-on experiences.

How does the British Curriculum Work?

There are three programmes within the British Curriculum designed for different age groups.

  • The Lower Secondary programme is a 1 year course in Year 8 (Grade 7) followed by a 1 one year programme in Year 9 (Grade 8). The goal is to provide learners with enough information to properly choose their preferred subjects for the next level. 

  • The International GCSE is a 2 year programme that runs over Year 10 and 11 (Grade 9 and 10). This is typically a mix of mandatory subjects and subjects chosen by the learner. The external exams will only be written at the end of Year 11 (Grade 10). 

  • The A-Levels programme is a 2 year programme comprising Year 12 and 13 (Grade 11 and 12). Here students specialise in just a few chosen fields and the external exams will only be written at the end of Year 13 (Grade 12).

Is BGA an accredited school?

Yes, BGA is an accredited online Cambridge School.

What is a Hub?

A Hub is a physical co-working space where learners come together to learn and interact with their peers and Learning Coaches.

How often do learners need to attend the hub?

Learners are encouraged to come into the Hub daily, except when on vacation.

Is the Hub always open?

Our Hubs are open Monday to Friday, 08h00 to 18h00. With the exception of Public Holidays and for a week during Easter and two weeks during Christmas.

How many learners are there in a Hub?

There are an average of 25 learners in each Hub.

How many hours per day must the learners come into the Hub?

An average of 5 hours per day.

What is a Learning Coach?

A Learning Coach is someone who supports, inspires and mentors each learner, individually in their Brave journey.

How is a Learning Coach trained?

The Learning Coaches training consists of 3 weeks:

Week 1: 

Focused on the model itself - BGA's philosophy, the Self-Directed Learning Approach and the tools learners and Learning Coaches have at their disposal. 

Week 2:

Focused on pedagogical skills and knowledge. The Learning Coaches learn about positive education, how the brain works, teenage development, first aid training and how to manage a relationship with a teenager. 

Week 3:

Focused on applying in practice what they've learnt in theory. After being given a set of goals, Learning Coaches rover different hubs to understand the different dynamics that make one up.

What is a Course Manager?

A Course Manager is the expert in a particular subject. The Course Manager is responsible for the content on the platform as well as providing feedback to learners on their queries and assignments.

How are a Learning Coach and Course Manager different?

The Learning Coach offers the human aspect by supporting and mentoring each individual learner while forming a close bond with them. They are motivated to explore the learner's passions and goals. The Course Manager is focused on supporting and advising the learner in their academics in an online environment.

What is the platform and how does it work?

The platform is on an online website that can be accessed from anywhere at any time. The content is in English and each subject topic is made up of various video clips, texts to read, quizzes, research and assignments. Because the online platform is asynchronous, the learner will never miss an online class.

How are the classes taught?

Our model is self-directed. Learners study through the BGA platform and have the support of our team of learning coaches.

How do holidays work at BGA?

Learners may take vacation at any time of the year provided that it has been communicated with their Learning Coach. Learners are entitled to 3 months vacation, which includes the 3 weeks that hubs are closed during the Easter and Christmas period.

When is the best time to register at BGA for the next school year?

Anytime, as BGA is open all year round.

If I apply now, is there availability at BGA to enroll my child?

Yes. Should we experience a high demand in a particular location, we will open another Hub in that location.

What are the fees per Grade and per Hub?

The monthly fee is 485€/month regardless of Grade or Hub (within Portugal), and gives the learner access to: BGA Hubs, Learning Coaches, Online Content, Community network, Babel Language Services (unlimited access to all 14 languages) and the Brave and Beyond curriculum (development of core skills).

Does BGA offer scholarships?

Yes, we believe in making a difference and therefore offer scholarship programmes to learners.

Does BGA offer extra classes?

Yes, BGA offers support classes for learners at an extra fee.

After completing my A-Levels, am I able to attend any university?

The A-Levels are sought after and recognised around the world and accepted by most universities.

Can we move/rotate Hubs?

Yes, provided that it is organised and communicated with the Learning Coach beforehand.

How many subjects are offered?

  • Lower Secondary has 6 set subjects as well as any MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)
  • International GCSE programme has 13 subjects to choose from as well as any MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)
  • A-Levels programme has 16 subjects to choose from as well as any MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses).

Is there a timeframe for how long I can learn the subjects?

In the International GCSE and A-levels programmes there is a guideline of 2 years for completion. As learners work at their own pace some may require more time or less time in order to complete these programmes in 2 years.

Which ages does BGA accommodate?

Ages 11+, we offer: Lower Secondary, International GCSEs and A-Levels.

When does the school year start?

You can start studying at BGA any time of year, thanks to the flexibility of our educational model.

How do we take exams?

BGA is not yet an official Cambridge Examination Center. As such, our learners take their exams as external students in official Cambridge exam centers in the city.

Will my child be able to study locally with the British International Curriculum?


What is the difference between Cambridge, Pearson, Edexcel and the British International Curriculum?

Cambridge and Pearson's/Edexcel are two different exam boards for the British curriculum that run exams internationally.

Why do you write Pearson Edexcel exams for certain subjects and others Cambridge Exams?

Both exam boards follow the British curriculum but they do it in different ways, so our course managers analyzed per subject which board makes the most sense.

If you are a Cambridge school why do you offer certain Pearson Edexcel subjects?

For the reason above; and we are also in the process of also being a Pearson's School.

Do you offer a placement assessment when enrolling my child to determine the correct entry level?

No entrance tests are required.

What device(s) and specifications does my child require?

Any laptop that is able to connect to the internet and able to do video calls. No iPads or tablets will be suitable.

Are your subject teachers all qualified within their subject matter?


Are parents notified when learners do not attend class? Does the parent receive immediate notification when a learner is absent?

Yes. Parents receive an email, unless we have received a message from the learner which we consider to provide a valid excuse.

Why don't you do the AS levels?

The A-levels are studied across two years: The AS year (Year 12), and the A2 year (Year 13). When you decide to continue an AS subject into your A2 year, you’re pursuing it further for the full A-level qualification.

What if my child only wants to do International GCSE levels? Will they get a secondary qualification? If yes, what will they be able to do with it?

Some colleges accept students applying after International GCSE, as its a General Certificate for Secondary Education, but most universities require A Levels.

What about Sport?

BGA does not offer Physical Education but sport is highly encouraged, outside of BGA. BGA has partnerships with various sporting ventures in various communities in which learners may opt to participate at their own cost.

How do I know my child is on track and focused? Do you send out reports/ feedback etc?

BGA’s academic year starting 2023 will be divided into 3 Sprints with each sprint consisting of 4 months. At the end of each sprint, parents will receive a sprint report detailing the progress of their child's knowledge and skills.

How do I access my child's academic results and or progress?

You can access your child's results by accessing the platform with their user, or at the end of each term when we write the formal reports.

What does the enrollment fee cover?

The enrollment fee covers the costs of international certification (Pearson and Cambridge).

If I am unhappy with something at the local hub, who do I speak to?

If you have any suggestions or complaints, please contact: Sofia Borges:

Is there a timeframe for how long I can learn the subjects?

In the International GCSE and A-levels programmes there is a guideline of 2 years for completion. As learners work at their own pace some may require more time or less time in order to complete these programmes in 2 years.

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