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Founder & CEO: BGA
“Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated to and passionate about what they do.” - Nelson Mandela

Our mission

At BGA we make it our mission to provide every learner with a specialised and holistic education. We aim to revolutionise learning; preparing our children to be independent thinkers in the rapidly changing world. The elective nature of our course allows learners to study what they want, leaving more room for them to truly discover their passions.

Our learning coaches develop the skills needed for each learner to be successful. Whether they want to enter prestigious universities, become accomplished musicians, train to be Olympic athletes or run their own start-ups, we help them identify their passions and achieve more.

Our vision

We imagine a world where quality education is accessible to everyone, at BGA we want to pioneer this change.

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Meet the Team


Tim Vieira

Founder & CEO

From a young age, Tim understood the power of soft skills and doing what you love. He suffered from Dyslexia but had spelling skills beat into him by a cane in those days. Nevertheless, he loved school but also learnt early on that the real skills were developed outside of traditional education. He valued independence and enjoyed standing out from the crowd, so developed his entrepreneurial skills from a young age.

Throughout his life he challenged the status quo, many times going up against giants of industry and the so-called norms. Sometimes triumphant and many other times failing but gaining an education in the process.

Tim is a firm believer in equipping students with knowledge, while simultaneously encouraging them to single out their personal interests to ultimately help them develop their passions and purposes in life, thereby finding true happiness and self-fulfilled in life.

Tim is an honorary member of the South African Rugby Legends, Advisory board member of NOVA University, co-founder of Be Brave start up mentorship and the “Escolhe Portugal” movement (Choose Portugal). He also has many business interests ranging from Angel Investing, Property Development, Energy Distribution, Movie production and of course his biggest passion, Brave Generation Academy where he is now focused fulltime.

Tim sees himself as a citizen of the world, believing in the individual's capacity to make the world an even better place by finding his purpose and passion in life. He recently completed a World trip with his family. He has also completed an Atlantic Ocean crossing on a sailing yacht and a trans-European crossings on a Vespa with his father and sons.

Tim is driven by the belief that he has to do something to improve future opportunities for our youth. Brave Generation Academy was born with this inspiration to improve today for a better tomorrow.

Tim often says he is proud of what he has achieved but even more excited about what is still to come… and all this from someone who doesn't know his Alphabet!!!

Lídia Vieira


Managing partner of Latitude Vip, Lda since 2010 with various investments in property, agriculture and technology and tourism. On the board of 5 successful start-up companies and providing mentorship and administration support. Lidia is known as the secret to the success in various ventures. Wife and mother to 3 creative children who has decided to take the plunge to find a new and effective way to provide education that meets our future needs.

After traveling extensively with her family around the world, it became clear to Lidia, that education is a vital factor for the success of every child in this new world. Lidia decided that all children should have access to quality education utilizing innovative and dynamic solutions, co-founding Brave Generation Academy. 


Advisory Board

Marcus Schulze

Head of Learning Coaches

Born in South Africa, Marcus spent much of his childhood in Central and Eastern Europe. His schooling consisted of International Schools in Poland, Romania and Switzerland. Having graduated from high school from the Zurich International School with an IB Diploma, he now holds an MEng in Civil Engineering with Architecture, from the University of Glasgow in Scotland – 2019.

“I believe the Brave Generation Academy is revolutionizing the education system and offering a platform for children to think critically and take ownership of their learning.”

Michelle Correia

Administrative Director

Michelle grew up in Brasil and moved to Portugal when she was 18 to experience tertiary education in a new Country. 

Michelle was recognized early in her childhood as someone who was charismatic and fearless but not always school smart.


Once entering formal employment she quickly understood the importance of having good mentors in life; especially those who could spot a person's specific strengths, talents and abilities and then encourage and foster these strengths into helping them towards personal growth.


With the help of mentors, she noticed that it was through their delegation and her taking on greater responsibility that it was easiest for her to build knowledge and improve her skills.


Michelle's self believe improved as she was continuously promoted. She finally understood that she was actually more capable of being successful than others had made her believe in the past.

The sky was the limit and she no longer scared and was excited to reach for it.


Michelle ended up graduating in Marketing Management when she was 27 and has been working as a Project Director on a range of interesting projects for entrepreneurs since then.

A true strength is her ability in transforming ideas into real businesses over and over again.

Michelle sees herself as a doer and problem solver, always looking at overcoming challenges and open to new opportunities that allow her to continue her growth, use her talents and improve her skills.


A strong team player and always positive and passionate, she believes in a future where education does not bring anyone down but rather adapts to meet each individual specific needs.

Marcela Nacif

Head of Admissions

Currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree at Nova School of Business and Economics, Marcela is a dynamic and motivated professional, passionate about education as a tool to transform the world.

With two years of working experience in project management and digital marketing, she is an organised, result-focused and problem-solving individual that is continuously looking for ways to positively impact the world.

She loves travelling and working with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

Johnny Fernandes


Johnny was born in Zimbabwe, about a decade and a half before Kool & The Gang released Get Down On It.

From class-clown plodding through GCSEs and A-Levels in Africa to accidental President of the International Student Union at university in the U.S.A. to co-inventor of two patents during a three-decade career at innovative technology companies in America, he has followed a path based on his intuition (translated by some as "You're going to do what? That's crazy!") and the firm belief that a quality education and the relentless quest for knowledge are vital and empowering.


Now based in Portugal, when Johnny is not trying to figure out ways to apply technology to improve our lives, he works with close friends on Learn Africa, a not-for-profit project that provides resources for arts education on the continent.


At BGA, Johnny will make it his mission to share all he knows, using cutting edge techniques in osmosis, electric-shock therapy, Wi-Fi communications, and just good old-fashioned showing up with a whip and hanging out with all the other learners.

NEA ONNIM NO SUA A, OHU - He who does not know, can know from learning.


Business Strategy and Fundraising

Founder and CEO, Sports Psychologist, best-selling author, and innovator passionate about wellness and optimising health and performance through technology. 25-year career has been devoted to women’s health.

NED for Team GB Snowsport

Previously: Senior Director of consumer innovation at Philips;

Innovation Tutor at London Business School; HealthTech consultant for a VC; and Marketing Director for Virgin Active

Pedro Almeida

Training & Recruitment

I graduated in Electrical Engineering from FEUP and then did an MBA at INSEAD. I worked in London as an analyst for a consultant for food distribution chains and at Bain in Madrid as a Strategy Consultant. I was Director of Strategic Marketing in a multinational industrial group, in the United States and Portugal, and I have worked in the financial and business development areas. In addition to teaching during college, I volunteered in Angola where I taught English in the most vulnerable communities. This transformative experience was the basis for the creation of Teach For Portugal because I do not accept the current reality of so many children, from the moment they are born, having so few opportunities to develop. Today, as CEO, I see the impact of our work on a daily basis, on a scale, on so many children, which brings me the greatest possible purpose.


Constantina Tsangaris

Content Development

Tina holds a Batchelor of Pharmacy degree from the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa, however her passion for dance, the stage and the imaginary brought her to the world of advertising, working with top photographers and directors in Portugal and abroad.


Professionally respected for her calmness even under the most demanding situations, her gratification comes from managing to resolve problems while still fostering harmony.


In 1988 she interned at Dusseldorf Film and Sound Studio, which set her off on her path in the industry.


 In 1999, she formed the first photographic production studio, in Lisbon, owned by a producer and independent of any photographer. Causing a stir in the market but succeeding, this led the way to others adopting the same strategy.


In 2016, together with her late partner, she formed the highly respected post-production company Ginger Candy, considered a reference in Portugal in its’ time.


As a freelancer, she manages high-profile audio-visual projects.


It has been written that “It is never freedom until you find something you positively want to be” so has joined BGA with the belief that through its’ values BGA will facilitate this path to freedom.

Maria João Paes

Partnerships Director

From Biotechnology to Communication, with a passion for radio spanning a career of about 30 years. She made her 1st radio program at the age of 14 and from there accumulated a great deal of experience in information and animation, through production and marketing. She gave voice to hundreds of advertising spots and documentaries, was voice off in countless moments. A guest professor at Universidade Católica of Braga, she teaches radio journalism and tries to pass on to her students the "passion of radio".  

In addition to coordinating Tim Vieira's communications and public relations advisory, she is also coordinating and developing other projects such as Shortcutz Network, the Movement Escolhe Portugal, and others already thought out, but waiting for the perfect moment to move forward! She likes challenges and the latest; is to find the best partners for BGA!

Lydia E'Silva

Academic coordinator

Lydia is a passionate to Educational Advisor/Consultant with over 40 years of experience in various fields of education in Africa, Europe and Macau. 34 of these years have been in Porto Portugal in two English medium schools, one which she helped to found. She was also involved in the founding of 3 other schools in Portugal.
The last 34 years have been spent in researching, implementing innovation and working with educators to prepare students for the 21st century workplace. She believes that all teaching, coaching and mentoring need a scientific basis and a clear vision of what the PURPOSE of education is. ' All educational models need to reflect the demand for lifelong learning with the technical and social changes brought about by the FOURTH REVOLUTION'. (Forbes)

The traditional education system is broken and outdated and Lydia's interest in working with BGA is that it is a model based on student agency, wellbeing, interests, competencies using the 'self-directed learning model' which encompasses the urgent need for students to acquire the 21st Century skills by 'doing, failing, reskilling and trying again' till they achieve mastery.

Lydia is excited to be working with enthusiastic pioneers on this new adventure.


Carlos Osvaldo

Maputo Province

Carlos Osvaldo Mabutana is a Mozambican, raised in Portugal.

He studied Business Management and Hospitality. Carlos has a diversified career, with important experiences in areas like: Tourism; Public Relations; Real Estate; Advertising; Events Production; Diplomacy and Communications. Carlos has a parallel career as an entrepreneur, having been the founder or visionary behind businesses in different sectors, such as: Events Production; Broadcasting; Publicity; Restaurant; Broadcasting; Communication and Strategy.

He is also an award winner writer, having received the humanitarian prize Books for Peace Special Award in 2018. He also plays a role as an ambassador in Mozambique to the Southern Africa Startup Awards and is a member of the international commission of the Books for Peace.

Ruth Vidaurre


She decided to pursue her passion; writing and telling stories. She became a journalist and started working as a news reporter in various media outlets in her country, namely: Semanário La Opinión, Revista Cartelera, and Revista Tveo

She arrived in Portugal in the year 1992. This is where life presented her with new challenges and where she was “forced” to discover new skills. In 1995, she became an entrepreneur, founded the company RMV Lda., and became the official Portuguese distributor of the Italian brand Intimo 3. At the same time, she got involved in another project and founded and managed the company V2M Hotelaria e Cafetarias Lda.  

Currently, she is also a co-founder & CSO of the company Key Leaves Lda. 

She is a volunteer and board member for the American non-profit NGO Interweave Solutions. She is a collaborator for the non-profit organization WomenWinWin, which supports women entrepreneurs. Throughout her education, she was also at AESE where she took courses and seminars in the area of business administration. Lastly, she is fluent in 4 languages: Spanish, Portuguese, English, and Guarani, one of the native languages from her country. She believes that education is the key to change and opportunity. This is why she is a founder and President of the board of Directors of the Portuguese NGO Educação sem Fronteiras.    

Caroline Bergman


I began my journey in Alternative education by founding and heading up a Montessori Primary school in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2008. As a serial entrepreneur I believe that there needs to be a complete shift in the current education system which was designed to create factory workers in the industrial revolution. The education revolution is gaining momentum at a huge pace and BGA is at the forefront. 

I am an experienced homeschooling parent having have homeschooled my teens for nearly 5 years and have mentored many homeschooling parents. I am very excited to be heading up the Algarve region for BGA .

I believe education must be individualized and teens should be allowed to follow their passions if they are to reach their potential.

Christo Nicholls

South Africa and Namibia

Christo Nicholls obtained both his Bachelors and Master’s degree in electrical and electronic engineering from the university of Stellenbosch. He started of his career in South Africa by designing, manufacturing, deploying, and managing cutting edge complex municipality-focused smart metering solutions from USA, through France to Brazil. He is currently associated with various entities, as an Utilities IoT specialist and Electrical Engineer, within the full Electrical Network Value chain within the municipal space of South Africa.

Christo Nicholls has been actively involved in the school-level education space running quality-focussed mathematic intervention programs from 2008. These programs he designed and facilitated for various stakeholders including UK-based agricultural firms based in South Africa, as part of their Strategic Community investment program.

João Caetano

São Tomé e Principe

Graduated in Economics from ISCTE Lisbon University Institute, João is a young professional with four years of working experience in brand and marketing at Red Bull focused on strategy, consumer engagement and project and team management. 

He is an enterprising, passionate and creative self-driven learner and a team player. Committed to projects that contribute to sustainable and fair social development.

Lived and volunteered for three months in São Tomé e Príncipe, the country of “leve-leve”, in an entrepreneurship project that aims to build a world in which ideas and work have a fair return – which he took as his motto for life.

Luís Brito e Faro


Born  and  raised  in  Porto, Luís sees sport and family as the the  two  foundations  of  his  education. With 14 years of experience - firstly as a player and lately as a coach - rugby taught him the value of cooperation, leadership, resilience and of having a great mentor on a daily basis.With the goal of becoming a problem solver and critical thinker, a Master’s of Mechanical Engineering in University of Porto was his course of choice. This later led him to a year of studying and working in Panama City, 2 months of backpacking throughout South America and 1 month of volunteering in Kolkata, India.Both through school and university, the struggle to fit in the traditional educational system was always present, thus motivating him to search for alternative
solutions in order to progress  with  success.  Along the way he realised that this process of re-education had become one of his passions and that it would be part of his future life.

Gary & Naomi Foxcroft


Gary and Naomi Foxcroft are award-winning social entrepreneurs and educationalists whose work over the last 18 years has seen them successfully establish a number of schools, charities and social enterprises in UK, Portugal, Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa.

Their work has seen them design and lead campaigns that led to laws being passed at state and UN level to eliminate harmful practices related to accusations of witchcraft and ritual attacks; live and work with local communities in Nigeria to build schools for disadvantaged children; and grow the Jolly Phonics literacy project from one school to becoming the largest literacy project in Africa, having now trained over 150,000 teachers across 6 African countries.

They count themselves as blessed to live in the lush, green hills of Central Portugal, not far from Coimbra, where they raise their 3 kids, pigs, chickens, rabbits, horses and dogs. Having searched for the best educational options available for their eldest daughter, they found BGA, and could see how the organisation shared their values and entrepreneurial drive. The establishment of the Coimbra hub quickly followed, and Gary and Naomi now also aim to support BGA in the years ahead to expand this exciting and revolutionary new model across Africa.

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