The top universities in the world and how to get in

Ambitious A-Level students usually want to challenge themselves further in the next steps of their education. For many this means studying at the most prestigious and competitive universities in the world. This is why it’s important to know who exactly are the top universities in the world and how to get in them.

Best Universities

Although there is no definitive guide, the Times Higher Education University rankings is one of the most widely respected assessments of universities around the world. As of 2021, they think the top universities in the world are:

1. University of Oxford
2. Stanford University
3. Harvard University
4. California Institute of Technology
5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
6. University of Cambridge
7. University of California, Berkeley
8. Yale University
9. Princeton University
10. The University of Chicago

Glancing at this list it makes it clear that A-Level students already have an advantage with these top universities in the world and how to get in. All the institutions will accept A-Level results which means there are just a few more steps to take to make this dream a reality.

How to get in

1. Apply early and apply to many!

It shouldn’t need to be said, but every year many students make the mistake of not applying, applying to too few universities, or missing a deadline. Many students overestimate the difficulty of getting into these institutions and so don’t apply. Rather the opposite is true, and it’s best to apply to as many as possible.

Just make sure to be aware of all the deadlines for the place you want to study. Oxford and Cambridge require applications a year before most other UK universities, and popular courses like medicine also have their own cut off dates. Make sure to research not just the university, but the course requirements too.

2. Get good predicted grades, then get good grades!

Obviously you need great A-Level results to guarantee admission. But did you know you need good predicted grades beforehand too? Since you’re applying before your grades are known, it’s important to impress admissions staff with high predicted grades.

Then when it comes to the actual grades you’ll need at least 3 A-Levels of the highest award, in addition to high marks in your GCSEs. For American Universities you’ll need high AS-Level grades too since their admission system happens earlier in the year than A-Level examinations.

3. Be excited about the school and course – essay and recommendation

For most of these institutions, you’re going to need to be prepared to demonstrate your enthusiasm through a combination of interviews and exams. This means it’s essential to prepare beforehand to find a way to convey your passion and enthusiasm for your chosen course, new university and learning in general.

Better still is to find someone else to confirm this excitement for you. If you can find a teacher or learning coach who is willing to write you a recommendation as to your character, then you’re one step close to studying at the top universities in the world.

4. Show you’re more than just a great student!

It’s a given that most of the people you’re competing with are also academically gifted. This means it’s useful (and in the USA, essential) to show you’re a well rounded person with passions and success that extend beyond the classroom. At Brave Generation Academy, learners are encouraged to pursue extra-curricular activities, and construct academic projects around them, for this very reason.

At Brave Generation Academy, we prepare our learners for a life of learning. Our education model delivers learners internationally recognised qualifications in GCSEs, AS and A-Levels. To learn how we can help your child fulfill their dream of studying at top university, get in contact with our team.

January 21, 2021, Cascais

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