How technology is changing education

Technology is changing education in dynamic and positive ways. Students now have access to a wide range of tools that fundamentally changes where, when and how they learn. Not all educational models embrace these innovations so it’s important to understand  how exactly technology is changing education for the better, and whether it would be beneficial for your child.


Learners can learn anywhere and anytime

Technology to facilitate remote learning has meant that learners now have far greater freedom in deciding where and when they learn. With access to a laptop or wifi, any environment can easily become a school. It also means that wherever they are, they will be at the front of the classroom, which is obviously not always possible in a traditional classroom.

This same freedom also means learners can organise their studies around their own schedule. Without being constrained by traditional teaching hours, they can take the responsibility to arrange their projects around their extra-curricular activities, which in turn can increase their educational performance.


Learners can access more resources and experts

Students used to be limited to the resources their school had at hand and the knowledge of their teacher. For educational institutions who can’t invest continually in new learning materials, this presents an obvious handicap to learners. Technology is changing education in this respect by allowing students to access and scrutinise learning materials from almost limitless sources.

It also means that instead of relying on teachers and classmates to discuss ideas, you can now communicate and collaborate with students and experts around the world. Students can now exchange ideas and debate with students in entirely different countries and cultures to better inform their views. Additionally,technology allows students at schools like the Brave Generation Academy to engage with subject matter experts in any area that excites them. Whether they want to speak to an engineer in Helsinki or a digital marketing guru in Lisbon, technology is changing education to make it possible.


It delivers a greater educational overview

Parents used to be reliant on the infrequent teacher-parent meetings to follow their child’s education. But with resources online and software to track student progress, it is now easy for parents to access the information they need to have confidence their child is on track. Communicating with teachers and other parents for specific tasks can also be better enabled.

Students benefit from this overview too, by gaining the power to understand and respond to their personal learning styles and educational needs. If a student discovers they perform better with practical tasks instead of lectures, then technology is changing education to make it easier for them to plan their own curriculum to allow for that. Students with specific educational or physical needs who would traditionally be left behind in bricks and mortar classrooms can also find the tools and conditions they need to excel.


It encourages self-directed learning

Technology is changing education in a fundamental way. Traditionally students passively sit through classes to receive information, and then work at home on projects to apply this knowledge. With technology you can easily reverse this paradigm, Now though it’s possible to let students find and absorb content first, before using the classroom as an opportunity to discuss and refine these ideas in a more practical way.

In essence the role of teacher and student morphs into one of learning coach and learner. The learner is given the tools and responsibility to embark on self-directed learning, which is proven to deliver greater educational outcomes.

Technology is changing education for the better. When properly applied, it allows learners and parents to take full control of their educational environment, journey and outcome. Brave Generation Academy takes full advantage of these innovations to allow learners to achieve more on their own terms. Contact us to find out how.

January 13, 2021, Cascais

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