Turning Extra-Curricular Activities into Co-Curricular Projects

When students can discover passions outside of their academic curriculum, they end up improving their academic performance, get into better universities and develop essential soft-skills which stay with them throughout their life. Most traditional schools though are unable to support learners fully in this respect because they either don’t have the resources or inclination to help support learners in areas which aren’t directly tied to their curriculum.

Additionally, schools who do support learners usually restrict themselves to simply offering extra-curricular activities. By incorporating a student’s passions directly into their education however, all the benefits on offer are multiplied and strengthened. By making it “co-curricular” it creates a direct and powerful way to encourage a student to learn while also further increasing their control on their own educational journey, which in itself can be hugely transformative for a learner.

So how can schools turn extra-curricular activities into co-curricular projects?


Appetiser Projects


At Brave Generation Academy, our learning coaches challenge learners on a weekly basis to explore a new topic of interest outside of their traditional curriculum. Learners are allowed to pursue a wide range of subjects, courses and activities to try out in order to help them discover their intrinsic talents and passions.

The main benefits to this models are:

– Learners are continually exposed to new activities and people on a weekly basis. By actively offering students opportunities every week to try something new, the chances of finding something that genuinely excites them is increased.

– A weekly challenge to engage with a new subject means that students are making the first real step in self-directed learning. Under the supervision of their learning coach, students must take the initiative and responsibility to arrange the activity around their mandatory classes in conjunction with other students and expert guides.


Big Interest Degrees


When a student finds an appetiser that really sparks their interest, Brave Generation Academy has a framework in place for them to fully explore and pursue this passion. We lean on a deep network of online and offline hubs in which students can connect with learning coaches and partners who are experts in their field of interest. These self-driven degrees are designed to push the boundaries of their education at their own speed and explore topics in more depth. This delivers concrete benefits to learners because:

– Learners have the opportunity to hone skills with real-world applications from recognised experts. Our hub connects them with coaches who develop long-term relationships and journeys for learners to fully master their extra-curricular skill. This means that whether a student has an interest in coding or karate, they have the best possible foundation to become an expert.

– The depth of learning involved provides a solid jumping-off point for the learner to transfer these skills to their academic life either indirectly with the soft skills they learn, or directly, through the application of project-based learning methodologies. Project-based learning is an important technique in improving educational outcomes as it provides an opportunity for learners to fully master an academic subject using their own inspirations and interests as the bedrock of a project.

Brave Generation Academy


Our curriculum is designed to help learners excel in their IGCSEs and A-Levels, but we find that we can help learners to achieve more when we compliment this curriculum with “appetizers” and “Big Interest Degrees”.

This allows students to pursue subjects as varied as programming, design, finance, public speaking, or any other option which they want. By partnering with content partners to support their interests, we can stimulate children to experiment in new areas which ultimately increases their desire to learn, while also increasing the chances of attaining good grades, entry into prestigious further education institutions and exciting careers.

December 17, 2020, Cascais

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