Why Children Need To Find Learning Passion Outside Of Their Curriculum

Many educational institutions focus on a very narrow and rigid curriculum in order to increase the chances of a learner passing an exam. Unfortunately this means that a learner’s passion for subjects outside of the curriculum often goes ignored, and consequently their overall enthusiasm for learning decreases.

When learners are given the opportunity to develop new skills and follow their passions outside a curriculum however, they are able to build on the lessons learnt at school, improve their soft skills and enhance their desire for learning. For this reason, at Brave Generation Academy, we’re strong believers in giving learners all the opportunities and tools they need to find extra-curricular activities that make them happy.

But why exactly do we encourage learners to discover, explore and pursue their passions outside of a curriculum?


It Increases Academic Performance


Studies are quite clear in showing that learner’s who pursue passion projects and extra-curricular activities achieve more in their academic performance.

One of the reasons for this is that learners who find activities they are passionate about will typically demonstrate more creativity, dedication and critical thinking if they’re doing something they enjoy. These are skills which can then be easily transferred into the classroom.

At Brave Generation Academy, we take this a step forward by actively asking students to take these hobbies and areas of interest into the classroom as the basis for project-based learning. This way learners can directly apply their enthusiasm in whichever way they want to take control of their learning.


It Helps Learners Get Into Great Universities


The best further education institutions and universities have an intense competition for places, and it’s never enough to just be academically smart. Admissions officers around the world want to see that learners can take the extra-steps needed to develop a new skill and show application, dedication and curiosity to learn outside of a classic student classroom setting.

Extra-curricular activities are perfect in showing this and standing out from the rest of the crowd, and learners can more easily demonstrate this in an application or interview if they have a genuine interest in the activities they’ve taken up.

SImilar to this, young people applying to their first job will find extra-curricular activities as the perfect substitute for work experience for the same reasons.


They Can Learn New Soft Skills


In addition to reinforcing the academic skills they need to get qualifications and progress in further education, following a passion outside of the curriculum can also give learners essential soft-skills which will stay with them their entire lives.

Obviously they will get specific skills like speaking a language or being able to play an instrument from pursuing a passion. But in doing so they also develop more generalised skills like leadership, problem solving, time management and dedication, which have wide applications in real-word scenarios.

Importantly, it can also improve with cultural integration and social skills, which are immensely important to learners who are learning remotely, at international schools, in foriegn countries, or in a new language. By finding a setting outside of a school to pursue their passion, they can interact with a wide range of people and build a local network of like-minded people.

Brave Generation Academy


At Brave Generation Academy we fully recognise the importance of encouraging learners to find their passion outside a curriculum. We then take that a step further by actively helping them to do it, connecting them with respected partners, and incorporating their passion into their formal education.

Whether a learner wants to speak a language, play an instrument, start a sport, run a business or help their community, our network of online & offline hubs and learning coaches are well placed to help them.

December 8, 2020, Cascais

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