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The world has changed a lot over the last 100 years. However education has remained the same for the last 200 years and it’s finally about to change. We have taught our students as if they were robots for long enough and now we need to infuse our students with passion and skills to ensure their success for today’s and tomorrow’s world. We need to personalize and not standardise education, as only then can we obtain the best from each individual. As we do this we will also need to transform individuals from students to learners as this will allow them to excel at their interests and reach their full potential. We need to believe that each learner has his own talents and encourage them to master these talents. Using passion to fuel knowledge and skills, thus generating opportunities for them to flourish in their fields of preference. 

We need to allow our learners to learn more than just the standard educational system but actually learn skills that will equip them for today’s world. The reality however is that this process cannot change all at once and therefore we need to take it one step at a time. What really is important is that we make sure we take these steps confidently in the right direction. 

Firstly ,we still need the basic educational syllabus as it ensures comfort for parents and tertiary institutions. We ensure that traditional British educational standards in maths, language and the sciences are covered to the highest levels using great teachers and interactive digital platforms.

Secondly, we foster and encourage learners to identify and develop their passions, whether in the arts, sciences or social interests. 

Thirdly, teach skills that are useful and make our learners more interesting and self-reliant individuals. Skills such as cooking, coding, investments, tax returns and self-learning as this ensures they are always bettering themselves throughout their lives.

Fourthly, we instil the importance of community and help them understand and appreciate how our actions influence those around us and how they too can contribute to the community as a whole. 

Once we are able to work these four points, we can expect these individuals to prosper and be happy in today’s world. Once they 4 points are successfully introduced to the current educational system, then the learners will be better skilled to problem solve and work in teams going forward. They also become comfortable critical thinkers and understand that life is a voyage of learning via experiences and not only exams. 

Education systems need to lead learners towards future opportunities so that they can confidently confront the future and not fear it. 

With 50% of tomorrow’s jobs not presently offered today, we cannot count on yesterday’s education to provide the skills needed for our student’s future. 

At Brave Generation Academy we have understood that bold and brave steps need to be taken to give today’s learners the best opportunity for success tomorrow. We have looked at current systems and reinvented education by making it flexible and individually focused. At Brave we have also understood that skills and passion can be fostered together to obtain incredible results. Using our Big Interest Degrees we help our learners identify and follow their passions so that they are clear and confident of where their talents lie, thus shortening their route to self-fulfilment. At Brave we also believe access to education should be for everyone and for this reason we use innovative ways to democratise quality education for all. We do this by using a Hybrid Teaching System, using Digital online platforms together with in-class learning coaches to support individual needs. We also build bridges between our various hubs and the community to further encourage our learners to see their role in the world. 

Brave Generation Academy brings opportunities to learners in a way that is many times impossible for traditional schools.

Tim Vieira, Founder

November 16, 2020, Cascais

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Copyright © 2020 Brave Generation Academy | Powered by Astra

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